Teresa Lam

Vice President

Teresa Lam is a Vice President of Li & Fung Development Limited (China) and the Fung Business Intelligence Centre (FBIC). She rejoined the FBIC in 2010 to lead the Asia Retail and Distribution research team, which focuses on the retail and distribution industries in China as well as on the retail industry in selected Asian countries. Ms. Lam also provides knowledge and intelligence to support business development of the Fung Group in China. She originally joined the FBIC in 2004 as Research Analyst and remained in that capacity until 2007, when she departed to pursue her interest in consulting.

Ms. Lam has copublished or coedited a number of books and reports, including the Blue Book of China’s Commercial Sector (with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) and Ten Highlights of China’s Commercial Sector (with the Expert Committee of the China General Chamber of Commerce).
She holds a BS in Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science and an MPhil from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.