Fung Business Intelligence collects, analyses and interprets market data on global sourcing, supply chains, distribution, retail and technology.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, it leverages unique relationships and information networks to track and report on these issues with a particular focus on business trends and developments in China and other Asian countries. Fung Business Intelligence makes its data, impartial analysis and specialist knowledge available to businesses, scholars and governments around the world through regular research reports and business publications.

As the knowledge bank and think tank for the Fung Group, a Hong Kong-based multinational corporation, Fung Business Intelligence also provides expertise, advice and consultancy services to the Group and its business partners on issues related to doing business in China, ranging from market entry and company structure, to tax, licensing and other regulatory matters.

Fung Business Intelligence was established in the year 2000.


  • Ka-Mun Chang

    Managing Director
  • Helen Chin

    Vice President
  • Wendy Hong

    Vice President
  • Teresa Lam

    Vice President

So-Ching Chan

Tracy Chan

Renne Chan

Chung Cheng

Timothy Cheung

Denise Cheung

Christina Chu

Winnie He

Margarita Ho

William Kong

Lucia Leung

Christy Li

Winnie Lo

Sandy Poon

Yvonne Mok

Chim Sau Wai

Wendy Weng

Winifred Wong

Stanley Lam